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Nairobi, Kenya


Caleb Musau

Position: Senior Associate. Information Technology.

Caleb is the holder of a B.Ed degree in Education Science from Kenyatta University and also holds Certificates in Business Continuity Management, (Continuity SA) and Capital Market Operations (University of Reading). He is a qualified SAP ERP Functional Consultant and a Microsoft Certified Professional (Active Directory).

Caleb has worked for over 20 years’ on technology strategy implementation, project management, business analysis, systems development, technology integration and implementation, technology due diligence, technology audit and assurance and capital market operations, among others.

He has been active in both private and public sectors in financial markets, hospitality, service, manufacturing and public (government institutions). He led a team of highly skilled individuals in driving Stock Exchange technology and market operations at the NSE. He has also worked with PKF Consulting and Zedesen Associates among others.

Caleb is passionate about mentoring young professionals, team capacity building and talent growth. As he puts it, he is “curious about finding practical cost effective use cases for emerging technologies such as distributed ledger, artificial intelligence and internet of things for small and medium sized enterprises.”