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We always start our BPO accounting with an onboarding review, BEFORE we do routing accounting/ bookkeeping or CFO services. This is what it includes:
Information gathering discussions about your current software, your state of readiness, your level of compliance with taxes, the completeness of your general ledger, your treatment of various components such as receivables, payables, inventory and cash movements, contingent liabilities, legal issues about your equity including how your cap table is maintained, long term liabilities, fixed assets and specialised accounting treatments (for example FAS 116 treatment of restricted earnings in US accounts.)
We try to learn in a very short time, who is responsible for authorizing transactions, payment and movement of inventory or services and what sort of controls exist. We also try to learn what controls exist over the software you use and whether the top managers are able to get solid, usable financial information proactively.

We do all this as part of onboarding and issue an onboarding report. It’s really a limited report because we do it to ensure that as we onboard you, we have really understood how you work and can even make early suggestions for improvement.

We’ve found that our clients have gained so much value from this report that some use it as a starting point to make significant changes in their  organisations.

Would you like us to do an accounts onboarding diagnostic report like this for you? You can treat it as a “Healthcheck.” We are offering a special promotional deal: We’ll do it for a GUARANTEED FIXED USD 500 up to 31 December 2022! (There will be NO OBLIGATION to move to a long term routine accounting contract.)

Want to learn how you can access this offer

If you thereafter want to move to routine accounting, we’ll be only too glad to take it up.

What’s the one thing you wish your financial reporting and accounting people could get you? Instant information about your receivables, payables, inventories. Early warnings about cash running out, financial models and budgets you can share with funders and lenders? What does your runway look like? What about the numbers that go into the pitch deck – where do they come from and could you support them with solid intel? Or just a board meeting where you need to discuss the performance and future of the organisation.

There is no substitute for having a well-managed financial close process that you can be sure has captured everything. We believe that every month close should be as thorough as if you were taking the accounts to the auditors at the year end. So we use a comprehensive close process, verifying that all balances are supported, querying information that doesn’t make sense, checking that third party balances (like vendors, customers and bankers) agree with your information and checking the specific transactions and balances that matter to your organisation. We even give you online realtime access to our close checklist app in case you’d like to monitor how the processes are going.

We help you develop a discipline of reporting to a routine monthly calendar and we discuss the results with you, offering our suggestions for decisions that need to be made. At the end of various periods, we help you with statutory compliance such as income taxes, sales taxes, contractor returns (e.g Form 1099 in the US), analyses required by auditors and any specialised reports you may need. We also help produce US GAAP compliant financials in consultation with US CPAs.

We have done this for dozens of clients based in the US and with operations on four continents and continue to do so in partnership with an affiliated US firm, SoproCFO.

We are happy to make recommendations about the software that you should use if you need our advice. Our staff have worked with a range of ERPs and mid-level to SOHO software in both online and enterprise versions. They are also adept at helping you design appropriate charts of account and reporting formats.

Our BPO service includes providing outsourced internal audit services.

We also handle payrolls up to and including making remittances on your behalf to your staff via our client account.

How it works:

We start by carrying out an initial diagnostic review of your financial setup. It’s pretty thorough and we ask a lot of questions and ask to see a lot of documents and information. Sometimes it takes a while to produce (some of our clients aren’t ready for this but it’s a good way to start getting better at it.) We provide a detailed report on what we find including your strengths and weaknesses and our detailed recommendations about the best way to start.

We are offering a special deal through December 2022: If you would like us to do just the diagnostic, contact us and see how you can save 75% (yes that’s right) on the diagnostic work. We are so confident you’ll love it, you’ll want to hear what we can do next – as many of our clients can testify.


Our pricing depends on the amount of time and effort that we put into your work. We understand that most people would like to have a fixed estimate for routine recurring work. So we provide fixed estimates  – usually using numbers of transactions as a proxy for the expected level of work. Minimum pricing for routine monthly accounting starts at USD 400. We’d be happy to discuss with you whether your organisation qualifies for this minimum.

Our work may also include updating books for periods before we came on board. We will be happy to assess and provide a custom quote for that.

Please note that these fees are separate from the one-off charge for onboarding which we will assess and quote for.  Contact us now to lock in this deal. Regardless of the size of your organisation, we will provide a detailed onboarding report with no obligation to move to routine accounts processing.