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Nairobi, Kenya


CCH Audit Automation Software

Kawai has been appointed as an agent for its audit software by Wolters Kluwer (UK) Limited, the vendors of the highly popular CCH Audit Automation software which is used in accountancy firms world-wide, and which provides a full ISA-compliant methodology and electronic audit file. Used properly in conjunction with proper training, using this tool will help ensure that your teams are able to produce consistent quality. Research also suggests that audit firms typically realise savings of over 40% directly on stationery by adopting automation. Other studies suggest that the saving on audit time is also of a similar magnitude once the first year’s audit has been done. These savings are too large to ignore.

An added bonus is that it is easier to get all teams to adopt the same audit methodology when it is based in the same software. It is highly flexible, permitting online reviews across VPNs, downloads of specific sections to individual team members which they can then upload when they have completed, sampling guidance, automated risk assessment, compatibility with any kind of Office document (including Open Office), and workflow monitoring available to senior team members like managers and partners at any stage. It is in use by hundreds of professionals in one firm in Kenya and Uganda.

Kawai also provides training and implementation support to enable companies to get the best out of the software as soon as possible. This includes a two-day basic training and a dedicated relationship manager to ensure that you have regular contact at your location from the moment you go live.

With the optional extra Proactive module, managing partners can even monitor the performance of the entire firm in a single dashboard report.
The software is available at a business-friendly price that does not necessarily result in increased charges when you increase your team size.