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Nairobi, Kenya


Are you in a situation where you urgently need to fill a critical finance, accounting or IT position? Virtual Executives may be a  temporary solution for you, especially if what you need is a senior person you can trust.  We can place a skilled and experienced professional at your disposal on short notice.

Over the past eight years we have provided dozens of executives serving as:

Senior accounting staff
Mid-level personnel
Audit personnel
IT specialists
Credit control personnel

Clients who have trusted us include large hospitality organisations, a well-known university, a hospital in the region, one of the largest member associations, NGOs, commercial organisations, audit firms and more.

What we have learnt from this is that companies that use this service are typically those needing:

Senior Finance executives experienced in mergers and acquisitions to help lead the company into a major fundraise such as a share capital issue or debt raise.

Staff to fill in for key executives who are on leave or on assignments abroad,

To staff a short-lived project needing only short-term expertise on a full-time basis

To deal with an emergency situation

To provide talent for corporate restructuring or business process re-engineering.

To keep up because they are  growing too fast and haven’t had time to go through all the regular recruitment processes.

To postpone a deployment decision but need to keep the work going

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