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Nairobi, Kenya


Over the past nearly a decade, we have been working with organisations that support communities, institutions and policy makers to create and maintain a sustainable world. We have assisted organisations in rural health, urban sanitation, water delivery, farmer extension, microfinance, renewable energy (particularly solar), organic fertilizer, smallholder irrigation, agroforestry, agroprocessing and other parts of the agriculture value chain. We have been involved in making organisations work faster and better and become more accountable to their stakeholders particularly in Africa and Asia.

Our work has involved carrying out diagnostic reviews of organisations involving discussions with stakeholders such as farmer co-operative officials and regulators, organisation technical staff such as medical officers and engineers, financiers including donors and lenders and even project partners. We have been involved in strategic fundraising and in advising funders and potential investors. We have also been involved in developing proper financial and reporting controls and management capacity strengthening.

We have been proud of our input and remain delighted at the insights we have gained about how to help our clients and their stakeholders succeed.

Finance Management Agency – especially for donor funds.

Increasingly, there are projects that involve a large number of relatively small entities with limited governance capacity that receive funding from larger entities – generally through donor funding. We are able to act as an agency for safe receipt and transmission of the funds to beneficiary entities and, if required, to enforce certain eligibility performance criteria, tendering and procurement oversight and reporting back to the funding entity in the desired format and frequency. Our people are experienced in performing this role for funds from the US and British government aid agencies.

Finance related development consulting

Our range of consulting focuses on our core strengths related to financial, reporting and related governance areas. We can assist in the provision of training for development,  establishment of project internal control processes and operations manuals, financial components of monitoring and evaluation, internal audit, BDS (Business Development Services) and forensic audits. Our objective is to enable all stakeholders, whether beneficiary communities or donor or government agencies to obtain maximum assurance that projects are proceeding well and that any problems can be spotted early. Our professionals have experience in providing such solutions particularly in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.