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Nairobi, Kenya


Sam Hartwell

Position: SoProCFO Partner & US Liaison

Sam holds an MBA from Yale, with a focus in finance and operations, and an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College. He brings more than 35 years of professional experience, including in a Fortune 500 public company, a turnaround in green tech, venture-backed startups, and international nonprofits. He has served as President, CFO, VP, Treasurer, and consultant. He is now CFO & Founding Partner at SoProCFO in Oakland California, where he provides outsourced CFO and accounting services to high-growth social enterprises. Altogether, Sam has held top financial leadership posts for the past twenty years. He was previously CFO at KickStart International and at Aid to Artisans.

In his liaison role, Sam has co-led Kawai assignments in management, IT, and CFO consulting, where he acted as a bridge between Kawai and its clients in North America and Europe.